How to retain leading positions in post-pandemic environment (01.07.2020)

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How to retain leading positions in post-pandemic environment (01.07.2020)


The crisis transformations in the global economy and the pandemic posed a number of challenges for regional business - from the need for creative solutions in the field of personal safety and HR to the maximum strengthening of brand loyalty and brand recognition, expansion of partnerships and business geography. 

Today reality not only emphasises the importance of successful regional business for the development of the national economy, but also encourages international cooperation and introduction of innovative technologies and projects. Under these conditions, image and reputation, brand recognition, quality international recognition, as well as strong partnerships for the exchange of experience and innovative solutions are of particular value.

We have the pleasure to present a special EBA online communication platform that under challenging circumstances of COVID-19 offers a number of advantages for development and promotion of your business:

  • Thanks to its online nature it can be joined from any country in the world without leaving the office and yet it is broadcasted live. 
  • Each participant has an opportunity to present their product/service. 
  • It offers one of the most comprehensive exhibition halls to present services/products at virtual stands.
  • Chat lounge where participants can exchange messages. 

With the aim to support prominent regional companies in business, healthcare and education EBA initiated online platform Achievements Forum 2020 and conducted the first online event How to retain leading positions in post-pandemic environment.’ The online conference was conducted on July, 1.

The conference was moderated by Ivan Savvov, EBA Director. Event speakers included Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani, CEO,  Amaar Real Estate Company, Saudi Arabia, Bishoy Samy Edward Adam, Chief Operating Officer, Dhabi Contracting LLC, UAE – accompanied by PowerPoint presentation, Syeda Kanizul Fatma, Chief Knowledge Officer, Sharja Electricity and Water Authority, UAE, Prof. Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, Vice-Chancellor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria, Dr Ugwu Ikechukwu Odo, Medical Director / CEO, Meridian Hospitals Limited, Nigeria and others. 

The discussion was focused on such topics, as: 

  • New business strategies for international partnership and brand development 
  • Innovative solutions dictated by the crisis transformation of world health 
  • What will business model of educational institution be?